Oster Classic 76 Review – Probably The Best Professional Hair Clipper Ever Made!

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OSTER Classic 76 Universal Motor Clipper 76076010

It was a pleasure reviewing the Oster Classic 76 because it is my personal favorite hair clipper.

I just love its classic look and understated superiority.

Through my research, testing, and feedback, including from those in the hair industry, I have yet to find a clipper that delivers a better cut.

Despite my love for the Oster Classic 76, there are other clippers on the market that might be more suitable for you, depending on your personal circumstances, and I will discuss the pros and cons of the ’76’ in this review.

What to Consider When Buying the Oster Classic 76

I’ve used various hair clippers myself for several years and there are certain features that you should be aware of before you buy one.

If you just go and buy the first hair clipper you see based on price alone, you’re destined for trouble and a frustrating experience, particularly if you are going to be using the clipper on a regular basis.

So stick with me as I explain each of these points in relation to the Oster Classic 76:


As with any clipper, trimmer, or shaver, do not be tempted into buying a cheap model from a store like Wal-Mart and expect it to produce the results you want.

Trust me, I’ve been there, done that, and immediately regretted it.

For the price of 2 or 3 cheap clippers, that produce sub-standard results, you could buy a top-quality clipper that will give you a professional finish and will last you for many years.

Made in the USAOster has manufactured hair clippers since the 1920s. They are one of the industry’s original and leading hair clipper brands.

The Oster Classic 76 is their flagship model – and for good reason; its iconic design has virtually remained unchanged to this day.

The only difference between ‘then and now’ is the ongoing improvements made to the motor, casing and blades.

Build Quality

As soon as you take the Oster Classic 76 out of the box, you know you’ve got yourself a serious clipper. It looks and feels like it should – a professional hair clipper.

The casing is made from a strong, valox material (a lightweight, super-strength plastic resin used in modern cars to keep weight down and give greater impact protection). It makes the clipper housing virtually unbreakable.

Despite the power generated from the motor, and unlike similar competing brands, the clipper will never heat up enough to burn your hand or scalp during prolonged use.

This is a really great feature, as many similar models do tend to get quite hot and can burn the skin if you’re not careful.

The Motor

One of the major differences between a cheap clipper and a quality one, is most definitely in the motor. The OC 76 has a powerful, single-speeduniversal motor, which means it is able to run at higher speeds than other clipper motors.

It can easily cut through thick or wet hair efficiently and quickly, which is essential for professional barbers and hairstylists.

The downside to all this power is that it makes the clipper heavier and noisier than similar models. It’s not a deal-breaker for most, but a consideration if you’re looking for a small, quiet model.

I love the sound!

It has an unmistakable, reassuring hum. 🙂

Mains Supplied for Maximum Power

If you want a hair clipper to deliver maximum power at all times, then you need one that is permanently connected to the mains.

The OC 76 is a mains supplied clipper.

It also has a thick, 9ft, heavy-duty cord, and as such doesn’t get tangled up during cuts.

Size and Weight

For those of you who like to know specific dimensions, the size of the OC 76 is 2 x 2 x 7.7 inches and weighs in at 1.6 pounds.

It is one of the biggest clippers on the market and heavier than most models. (I find the weight actually gives it more stability)

However, if you have small, delicate wrists, or get pain in your wrist joints, you might struggle to handle the Oster Classic 76 if it’s for prolonged use.

Oster Cutting Blades

According to the manufacturer’s website, all Oster blades are cryogenically treated to -300 degrees Fahrenheit, “so molecules are aligned in a perfect structure”.

This process increases the blades’ strength and hardness, keeping it’s edge sharp during long periods of use.

A sharp blade enables easier and more efficient cutting, so you won’t find yourself constantly going over the same area.

It also means you won’t need to buy a new blade for at least a few years!

The Oster Classic 76 uses an interchangeable blade system, which means you can quickly and easily change the blade to a different size when you need to.

No need for a screwdriver or any type of tool that other clippers need. The new blade simply snaps into place and the sturdy mechanism keeps it firmly secured.

It has 13 blade sizes (ranging from 1/2 to 1/125-inch) for various hair lengths and styles.

When bought new, it comes supplied with 2 of the most popular sized blades – size 000 and size 1.

If you want other blade sizes you can easily buy the blades separately. (see my related article: Oster Classic 76 Blades.)

This is different from a lot of clippers on the market which use just 1 blade and a set of comb guides/guards to get the required length.

You can buy a set of comb guides that clip over your Oster 76 blade (and if you’re just starting out with your first clipper, it may be worth starting this way)..


As well as 2 blades, the Oster 76 comes boxed with the basics you need, including:

  • Blade guard
  • Blade oil
  • Clipper grease
  • Cleaning brush
  • Operating instructions
  • 12 month Warranty


  • Iconic looks, stylish, classically understated, and oozes quality.
  • Strong, powerful motor (the latest model now features a new cooler running motor).
  • Durable, accurate, and long-lasting blades.
  • 13 individual blade sizes available.
  • A professional clipper, used by industry professionals from a reputable company, yet easy enough for a novice to learn who wants a real quality, clipping experience.


  • More expensive than similar models.
  • Bigger, heavier, and fairly loud. (Although being bigger and heavier, might actually be an advantage!)
  • Only the corded model available.


Here’s a great video of a professional barber demonstrating maintenance of the Oster 76..

Customer Reviews

The amount of customers who have reviewed the Oster 76 gives you a clear indication as to how well they perform. If a product doesn’t perform as it should, you soon hear about it.

Here are just a sample.. 

This is the ‘Daddy’ of professional hair clippers and you will find hundreds of glowing reviews and testimonies on the internet written by industry professionals and novice users alike.


Oster Classic 76 Limited Editions

For those of you who want to ‘pimp up’ your Oster Classics, there are some really cool limited editions.

They could well be collector’s items in a few years’ time!


When you own an Oster Classic 76, you’re buying into the Oster brand and what it stands for.

It reflects the type of person you are.

This is not a crappy, plastic product, with flashing gimmicks and other novelty extras. It is a proper clipper, designed to perform and deliver exactly as you would want.

It is totally reliable and will last many years if looked after.

They are used by professional barbers, yet easy enough to handle so that anyone could pick them up and be proficient with them in no time.

Whether it’s a full head shave or a simple beard trim, trust me.. you’ll be more than delighted with your Oster Classic 76!


16 thoughts on “Oster Classic 76 Review – Probably The Best Professional Hair Clipper Ever Made!”

  1. I’m a black male looking to keep my hair cut low/medium wave length. I usually use the no.1 attachment on my cheap clippers with the lever at the top (not closed). I’ve had my walmart ($30) wahl clippers for 15 years, but go back and forth between barber shop cuts over the years because my clippers don’t give me that crisp barber cut. I have andis edgers and need a better clipper to perform the same way as a professional barber clippers.

    I will be using to cut my hair once every 2 weeks. Any suggestions on which clippers I should purchase? It’s too expensive going to the shop every week or every other week to keep my cut looking fresh and my waves most visible.

    • The longest clipper guard number from Oster is a number 10, (1 1/4″ – 32mm)
      You can purchase their 10 comb guard set here.

      Wahl clipper guards go up to a size 12. (1 1/5″ – 38mm). That’s as long as they come for mainstream clippers.


  2. Support your local barber, who will most likely use Oster clippers. Avoid the homework. If you must, I advise using the Oster fast feed and a set of the plastic clipper guards. The Oster 10, 76 and Titan are really for the pros. I only say this because there is a large investment for the clippers and the metal blades. The fast feed is light and easy to use, still a great clipper.

    • Glad you all had a great experience. This has to be one of the worse products and companies that I have ever dealt with. I was told that the clippers sold to me were discontinued and based on my description it seemed that the motor has ceased. Sent the clippers back along with mage receipt (showing they were purchased less than a month. Crickets. Constantly dealing with outsourcing customer service in the Philippines. Terrible Run away from this company!!is my best advice.

  3. The best blade to use with Oster plastic clipper guard attachments is the 000. I use that blade/guard combinations on all my Oster clippers. Go slow with thick hair and the 000 or use one of the large metal blades.

  4. I was looking at the Model 10, which is similar to the 76. My wife cuts my hair and my son’s hair. I’ve got 40yr old white guy fine hair and my son has bushier teenage hair. We usually go for 3,4,5 size comb guard cuts.

    Is the 76/model 10 overkill? Would the Fast Feed be better? Can you cut around the ears easily with the 76? or would a T-Trimmer be a good addition.

    • Hi Brian A,

      To be honest, if you have to keep changing comb guards for the different lengths of hair, you’re probably better off with the Oster Fast Feed. It’s a great clipper and you’ll have no problem cutting around the ears.

  5. Hey Peter,
    First, I am not a professional barber, but my crappy cordless Walmart clipper just stopped working and I’m the type of person that when I buy something, especially if it’s a replacement, I like to go top of the line. I would mostly be using this as a beard trimmer but would also use it to keep my neckline looking sharp in between trips to my local barber. My question is if you think this clipper would be my best option or if I should drop to something in the $50-75 range. Like I said I like nice things and I also like to buy things that will last me a long time, but I’m not a professional and would be using it only for personal use. The corded aspect of this trimmer doesn’t bother me either because I never used my old trimmer anywhere but in the bathroom near the outlet.

    • I hear you my friend! We all like ‘nice things’ and I’m usually first in line for something like a new cell phone.

      However, for what you are describing you don’t need to be buying a professional clipper such as the Oster 76.

      For ease of use, and for trimming your beard/neck-line I would go for the Oster Fast Feed or a complete hair cutting kit like this much applauded Surker model.

      These models are more ‘fit for purpose’. Hope that helps!


  6. Hi,

    Do you recommend this clipper for goatee/beard trimming as well?

    Note I already have this clipper, but do not have any of the additional combs but the #000 which I believe will take off too much of my facial hair. Do you recommend I go with a couple of oc 76 combs, or purchase a different clipper altogether?

    Thank you

    • Hey Brian,

      You don’t need to purchase another clipper to trim your goatee/beard.

      Just buy a comb set and experiment with the different settings.



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