7 Step Guide For Achieving the Buzz-Cut Look at Home

(Last Updated On: April 3, 2020)

Among the various hair clipper styles, the buzz cut is the easiest cut to create.

The aim is to achieve a short, uniform length (usually one-quarter inch or shorter) over the entire head.

This is a traditional cut for military personnel during their induction into the services.

Remington HC4250 Quick Cut Clipper by RemingtonThe ‘Crew Cut’ is a similar style to this. The difference is that the hair is left a little longer on the top and at the front.

Despite the military association, the buzz cut can be a smart, ‘edgy‘ cut that is very masculine.

It has gained considerable popularity in recent years among athletes and celebrities.

Famous buzz cuts have included the likes of Brad Pitt, David Beckham and Matthew Fox.

Not only is the buzz cut now considered a ‘cool’ look, it is fairly easy to do, and maintain yourself.

Luckily for us, there are hair trimmers out there that are designed specifically for this look.

The two leading players are: Philips Norelco QC5580 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Pro (read my review here) and the Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit.

Although I’ve not used it, The Remington also seems to be a very popular choice for self trimming. There are thousands of great reviews about it on Amazon.

The best thing about this style of hair cut and being able to do it yourself, is the amount of time and money you can save.

Two or three uses and you’ve got your money back. Not to mention the number of hours saved, waiting at the barbers.

Personally I think this look suits so many men.

So long as you dress well, and keep on top of your appearance, you can achieve that masculine, smart-edgy look, rather than looking like a con!

Here’s a video of how to buzz cut your own hair:

7 Step Guide For Achieving the Buzz-Cut Look at Home:

Step 1

Decide on what length you want. Instead of going for one length all over, it is fairly easy to taper the length in 2 stages.

A number 3 blade or guard on top, a number 2 at the sides and a number 1 around the edges for a tight finish.

Remember, the shorter the cut, the less chances of making noticeable mistakes!

Step 2

Start at the top. Secure the number 3 blade or guard to the clipper. Place the guard flat against the forehead and slowly begin cutting from the front to the back of the head just past the crown.

Repeat in strips until the top is cut evenly. You should cut down the sides of the head just past the point where the head rounds into the sides.

You will probably need to repeat this process a few times to get the hair completely even.

Don’t be afraid to then cut the hair from different directions, especially the crown which grows in a circular pattern.

Step 3

The sides. You’ll need to change blades or guard sizes to the number 2 attachment (¼”).

Once the guard is securely in attached, place the guard flat against the side of the head from where the side-burn starts.

Run the clipper in a straight line up the side of the head, just past the start of the buzzed top section, where the head begins to round.

The clipper will naturally come away from the head here to provide an even, smooth blend between the two lengths.

You might need to spend a little extra time achieving this blend. Buzzing the hair in an outwards ‘scooping’ motion will eliminate any lines or ridges.

Repeat in strips on both sides until complete and go over any missed areas.

Step 4

Finish at the back. It is important you have your mirrors aligned correctly so that you can see the back of your head clearly.

Keep the number 2 guard on the clipper and place it flat against the bottom part of the neck.

Move slowly up the back of the head until just past the clipped part on top.

Like the sides, continue up the head in a straight line allowing the round of the head near the top to provide a natural blend.

Repeat in strips until the entire back is cut.

Step 5

Tapering the Sides and Back. Tapering will give you a smooth, blended look around the ears and neck.

Attach the number 1 (1/8″) blade or guard. Place the guard at the side-burn and work up to the top of the ear, rocking the clipper out in a scooping motion.

Continue around the ear ( you may need to bend the ear with your other hand to give yourself more room and allow you to see what you’re doing) on each side.

Once the sides are finished, do the same at the back, running the clipper up the back of the head and rocking it out at about ear level.

The shortest part of the back will go up to meet the shortest part of the sides.

Step 6

Finishing Touches. You should now use your trimmer to create a neat, sharp cut.

Start by trimming your sideburns and then your neck. It’s a good idea to create a line with the trimmer and shave everything underneath.

Hold your trimmer with the teeth of the blade pointing at your skin to create a clean line.

Step 7

Final Inspection. Once you’ve finished the cut it’s time to inspect the whole head for any missed areas, spots, uneven places or stray hairs.

Simply use the correct blade for whichever area you are working on. Areas of the crown and back of the head are often missed, so pay particular attention to them.

Once you’re happy, clean up, hit the shower and bask in the splendor of your new buzz cut!


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