How To Use A Mirror To Cut Your Own Hair

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cutting hair with clippers using a mirror

Learning to use a mirror to cut your own hair, is a unique skill worth mastering.

Being able to cut your own hair has so many benefits over having to go to a barbershop or hair salon.

Not only does it save you a lot of time and money over the course of a year, but you can cut your hair when it’s convenient for you.

You can also perform ‘touch-up’ cuts every so often, to keep your style sharp.

The best way to learn how to self-cut using a mirror is probably watching someone else do it and then giving it a go yourself.

There are lots of really useful ‘how-to’ videos that will help you.

I’ve searched for the best ones on the net for you to checkout. They are all featured below.

Self-Cut Mirror Types

Obviously, you need a mirror in front of you.

For a large percentage of the cut, a front-on mirror will work just fine.

For the sides and back, however, you’ll need an additional mirror to see where you’re cutting.

There are 2 ways to use a second mirror for your self-cut:

  1. Use a hand mirror.
  2. Use a large upright mirror.
  3. Use a 3-way mirror.

Hand Mirror

With a hand mirror, you will need to hold it in one hand and the scissors/clippers in the other hand.

The advantages of this are you can position the mirror at the exact angle you need for the best view.

You can also roam around a little more to achieve the desired cutting angles.

It takes a bit of getting used to this way, but it’s certainly a cheap option that works.

The videos below show you exactly how this is achieved:


Small or Full-Length Mirror

As the name suggests you can use a small or full-length mirror behind you, and a regular wall mirror in front of you.

This gives you the flexibility of having both hands free.

Depending on the space you’ve got to work with this may be a good option.

If you cut your hair in the bathroom you might be limited to where you place the mirror. You may also need a shelf or something similar at head-height.

However, if you have 2 mirrors, you have more choice as to where you cut your hair.

You can cut your hair outside or in an area that is well lit.

Self-Cut System 3-Way Mirror

SELF-CUT SYSTEM Travel Version - Three Way Mirror for Self Hair Cutting with Height Adjustable Telescoping Hooks and Free Educational Mobile App

A 3-way mirror is another option that can work very well.

You get to see most of your head/hair without having to reposition the mirror or having to hold it.

Using this type of self-cut mirror with a hand-held mirror to cover the very back of the head might be the perfect solution.

You can also hang a 3-way mirror from the top of a door.

It’s height-adjustable too, so it gives you plenty of options for where you prefer to cut your hair and at what height to position the mirror.

The 3-Way Self-Cut System – Travel Version as seen here, folds away into a nice thin storage case, and it’s very lightweight.

Here’s a good video demonstrating the 3-Way Mirror Self Cut System:

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s more than one way to skin a cat.. or cut your own hair!

The 3-way mirror system is definitely the easiest method with so many viewing angles.

However, with a little practice and patience, you should be able to cut your hair with just a simple, hand-held mirror.

The secret is to get yourself the right tools for the job.

At the very least you need a good quality, home-use hair clipper, and scissors.











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